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sila logo LITH Properties and fields of application

SILA® LITH is a multifunctional, highly abrasion-resistant industrial flooring of excellent quality that can withstand extreme loads. The dense, closed surface is particularly low in dust and therefore ideally suited for storage, production and exhibition.

SILA® LITH industrial flooring combines toughness, durability and elasticity in a unique way. Neither resting loads nor vehicles leave marks on this robust flooring, so even after years of use, a change of use is possible without having to fit a new floor.

SILA® LITH can be fitted without joints and facilitates particularly even surfaces. Forklift truck drivers have appreciated the even finish of SILA LITH for years. The excellent conductive properties offer maximum safety for employees and for sensitive technical equipment and production environments.

The clear product benefits offered by this floor covering include the following:

sila logo LITH Product benefits

No moisture-induced cracks
Secure bonding even on poor sub-floor
Easy to repair
Can be designed in different colours
Resistant to greases, lubricants and solvents
Extremely flat, where relevant in accordance with DIN 15185, DIN 18620, VDMA
Weekend refurbishment possible

sila logo LITH Design collection

Cream beige
Dark white
Light white
Light grey
Black grey

sila logo LITH Technical data

Surface hardness 200-400 N/mm2
Compressive strength 40-70 N/mm2
Bending tensile strength 9-11 N/mm2
Thermal conductivity 0,7 W/(m*K)
Conductivity < 106 Ohm
Slip resistance R9/R10
Coefficient of sliding friction < 0,45
Resistance yes
Accuracy DIN 18202/Line 4; DIN 15185; DIN 18620; VDMA
Density 1,8-2,1 g/cm3

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