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sila title text I-DESIGN _ the liquid-tight solution for supermarkets and DIY stores

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I-DESIGN Properties and fields of application

SILA® I-DESIGN is a new generation of very robust, loose-laid tiles that can be laid liquid-tight without thermal welding. The innovative, patented click connection in combination with a joint compound tested for typical areas of application form a design floor that is absolutely leak-proof. These floor tiles are produced with the natural look of stone or wood.
SILA® I-DESIGN is suitable as flooring for supermarkets and DIY stores as well as for gyms, doctors' surgeries or trade fair stands and all other properties that require a perfect aesthetic appearance under heavy stress.

The convincing product benefits offered by the tried and tested flooring include the following:

I-DESIGN Product benefits

Loose laying while the business is live
Special joint compound for liquid-tight flooring
Stable and flexible surface joints with hidden dovetail profile
Hard-wearing, fibreglass-reinforced and impact sound-absorbing
Hygienic and easy-care surface sealing
High slip and impact resistance tested under critical conditions
Can also be fitted on uneven sub-floors
Less noise even with frequently visited by the public

I-DESIGN Design collection

Stone design
TC 45*
TC 86*
TSR 40*
UPS 72**
THS 26**
TCS 34**
TC 76**
UDS 92**
Wood design
TSR 34*
TSR 32*
IMO 70*
IMO 40*
IMO 38*
IMO 25*
Tile formats: *330 x 660 mm, **610 x 610 mm

I-DESIGN Technical data

Total thickness EN ISO 24346 mm 8,5
Wear layer thickness EN ISO 24340 mm 0.55
Total weight EN ISO 23997 kg/m² 10,8
Tile format EN ISO 24342 mm 664 x 334
614 x 614
VOC (Qualitative)
European classification EN ISO 10874 34-43 23-33-43
Fire behaviour EN ISO 13501-1 - Bfl-s1
Impact sound improvement measure EN ISO 717-2 dB 13
Anti-slip damp/sloping surface DIN 51130/BGR 181 Class DS/R10
Binder content EN ISO 10582 Type -
Dimensional stability EN ISO 23999 % Klasse T
Wear and tear 660-1 mm ≤ 0,10
Residual indentation EN ISO 24343-1 mm ≤ 0,10
Suitability for castors ISO 4918 - Yes Type W
Mechanical resistance (Shore D/A) EN ISO 868 Hd A 95-97
Thermal conductivity EN ISO 10456 W/(m*K) 0,25
Thermal conductivity - suitable up to 28°C
Light fastness EN 2015-B02 Level > 6
Glass fibre reinforced - Yes
Surface treatment - Protectonite/PUR
Behaviour towards chemicals *** EN ISO 26987 ***
Static/dynamic load ** - kg/cm² 70
TVOC (28 Days) ISO 16000-6 µg/m3 Zertifiziert
CE EN 14041 Yes
* Tested with ESD shoes (Type ABEBA und UVEX), ** Other loads on request
*** Resistant to non-staining alcohol-based hand disinfectants, household chemicals and diluted acids and alkalis when exposed for short periods