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sila title text K6 _ the solution for industrial floors with extreme loads

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K6 Properties and fields of application

SILA® K6 is extremely robust, diffusion-open and multi-layered industrial flooring, which can withstand heavy loads of up to 40 tonnes when glued. The industrial floor tiles are particularly resistant and can usually be glued without sub-floor preparation or loose laid, even when residual moisture is present. Moisture-induced cracks are no problem either.
SILA® K6 is excellently suited as flooring for extremely stressed industrial areas and in shop fitting.

The convincing product benefits offered by the tried and tested industrial flooring include the following:

K6 Product benefits

Elastic, antistatic industrial floor covering with surface embossing (rice grain or concrete)
Double reinforcement with glass mesh fabric for excellent dimensional stability
Environmentally friendly solution as the base course contains a high proportion of recycled material
UV-cured PUR® surface coating with exemplary cleaning and care properties
Ideal, adaptable colour combinations for demarcating different areas and guidance systems

K6 Design collection

Dark grey*
Light grey*
*Rice grain, **Concrete

K6 Technical data

Total thickness EN ISO 24346 mm 6
Wear layer thickness EN ISO 24340 mm 2
Total weight EN ISO 23997 kg/m² 9,365
Tile format EN ISO 24342 mm 635 x 635 interlocked
600 x 600straight
VOC (Qualitative)
European classification EN ISO 10874 34-43 34-43
Fire behaviour EN ISO 13501-1 - Bfl-s1
Impact sound improvement measure EN ISO 717-2 dB 7
Anti-slip damp/sloping surface DIN 51130/BGR 181 Class R10
Binder content EN ISO 10582 Type
Dimensional stability EN ISO 23999 % ≤ 0,15
Wear and tear 660-1 mm 0,08
Residual indentation EN ISO 24343-1 mm ≤ 0,10
Suitability for castors ISO 4918 - Yes Type W
Mechanical resistance (Shore D/A) EN ISO 868 Hd 55
Thermal conductivity EN ISO 10456 W/(m*K) 0,25
Thermal conductivity - suitable up to 28°C
Light fastness EN 2015-B02 Level 6
Glass fibre reinforced - Yes
Surface treatment - PUR
Behaviour towards chemicals *** EN ISO 26987 ***
Static/dynamic load ** - kg/cm² 70
TVOC (28 Days) ISO 16000-6 µg/m3 Floorscore ®
CE EN 14041 Yes
* Tested with ESD shoes (Type ABEBA und UVEX), ** Other loads on request
*** Resistant to non-staining alcohol-based hand disinfectants, household chemicals and diluted acids and alkalis when exposed for short periods