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sila logo K5 G Properties and fields of application

SILA® K5 G is a diffusion-open, antistatic industrial floor covering. The large, loose lay and interlocking floor tiles are suitable for use in workshops, production and storage facilities as well as in rooms with challenging areas.

SILA® K5 G is ideally suited as flooring for heavily stressed industrial areas, public buildings with heavy traffic and in modern designed shop-fitting.

The clear product benefits offered by this floor covering include the following:

sila logo K5 G Product benefits

Elastic, multi-layer industrial flooring
Loose lay, made of pure vinyl for a high-quality look with a slightly textured surface
Dovetail profile for stable surface connection
Stable and resistant to sub-floor moisture
High dimensional stability with mesh reinforcement
Permanently antistatic
Environmentally friendly, as the base layer consists of a high proportion of recycled material
UV-crosslinked Protectol®2-Surface treatment for simplified cleaning and care

sila logo K5 G Design collection

color amazonas
color wattaru
color tao
color sango
color moheli
color anambas
color ceara
color paraiba
color goias
color tokelau
color juara
color pago
color boa-vista
color recife
color greige

sila logo K5 G Technical data

Total thickness EN ISO 24346 mm 5
Wear layer thickness EN ISO 24340 mm 1
Total weight EN ISO 23997 kg/m² 7,46
Tile format EN ISO 24342 mm 635 x 635 interlocked
600 x 600 straight
VOC (Qualitative)
European classification EN ISO 10874 34-43 34-43
Fire behaviour EN ISO 13501-1 - Bfl-s1
Impact sound improvement measure EN ISO 717-2 dB 7
Anti-slip damp/sloping surface DIN 51130/BGR 181 Class R10
Binder content EN ISO 10582 Type I
Dimensional stability EN ISO 23999 % ≤ 0,25
Wear and tear 660-1 mm 0,08
Residual indentation EN ISO 24343-1 mm ≤ 0,10
Suitability for castors ISO 4918 - Yes Type W
Mechanical resistance (Shore D/A) EN ISO 868 Hd -
Thermal conductivity EN ISO 10456 W/(m*K) 0,25
Thermal conductivity - suitable up to 28°C
Light fastness EN 2015-B02 Level ≥ 6
Glass fibre reinforced - Yes
Surface treatment - Protectol®2
Behaviour towards chemicals *** EN ISO 26987 ***
Static/dynamic load ** - kg/cm² 50
TVOC (28 Days) ISO 16000-6 µg/m3
CE EN 14041 Yes
* Tested with ESD shoes (Type ABEBA und UVEX), ** Other loads on request
*** Resistant to non-staining alcohol-based hand disinfectants, household chemicals and diluted acids and alkalis when exposed for short periods

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