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Industrial floors of the SILA® floorline brand offer all the benefits of loose laid or glued shop floors. For example, for the optimal and conceivably simple renovation of your shops without interrupting ongoing operations. Opting for the innovative SILA shop-fitting solutions is sustainable, economical and helps to avoid investment risks.
Our shopfitting range below can cover all conceivable individual needs. We provide solutions for robust and aesthetic shopfitting floors. Contact us for a free expert consultation with one of our certified flooring technology site managers.

sila logo Product benefits _ customer satisfaction

Product range with a very wide range of variable systems that cover all requirements
Special solutions for diffusion-open and liquid-tight floor coverings
Extremely resilient floor coverings for indoor areas
Quick and safe installation without extensive preparatory work on the sub-floor and immediately loadable
Flexible systems that can be easily changed and reused later
Local damage can be repaired quickly using replacement without shutting down operations
Material-saving installation with up to 30 % less waste
High level of comfort thanks to the choice of materials that are gentle on the joints, warm on the feet and sound-absorbent
Highly economical as it is extremely easy to clean, durable and resistant to oils and chemicals
Floor can be restored to its original state without any effort
Parallel scheduling of electrical installations, drywall and painting work during installation
Individual financing - purchase or hire purchase
Recyclable, resource-efficient and environmentally friendly

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